Used technologies

1. Solid state technology

The modern and unique system of generating 213 nm radiation with the use of cascade conversion of the main radiation into the frequency of the second, third and fifth harmonics.

2. Energy efficiency

Diode pumping allows to significantly reduce energy consumption for generating the primary radiation and for the heat removal system.

3. The system for protecting optical components of the installation

Modern solutions together with the optical scheme proven by many years allow to protect the key optical components. Equal levels of protection for the cavity and the forming system ensure long term stability of energy and the form of radiation.

4. Stability of the radiation energy

New stable circuit of the laser, in combination with the unique power control system with the use of four sensitive sensors and a patented algorithm of maintaining energy ensure high stability of timed and spatial characteristics of the energy.

5. Thermal stabilization

The housing of the new installation is temperature-stabilized, which completely protects it from adverse external factors, primarily, temperature and humidity fluctuations in the surgery room.

6. Tracking system

The updated tracking system allows instantly adjusting the coordinates of the eye shift. Operation of the system in the visible spectrum and with high resolution allows compensating for small eye movements in all directions (including rotational movement). High quality image of the surgical field allows the surgeon to perform surgery "via the monitor".

7. OLIMP™ Software

The updated software has modern user-friendly interface that facilitates the work of a surgeon and an engineer. The possibility to customize a number of functions and the use of presets allow to quickly adapt the installation for each surgeon. The built-in functions of operation control allow recording all parameters of the installation, as well as the actions of the surgery team. The possibility of inputting optical parameters using built-in nomograms provides an opportunity for young refractive surgeons to quickly master the work algorithm and to obtain good post-surgery results.

8. Automatic testing

The system of test automation reduces the time of installation reaching the standard operating mode and protects from errors caused by the "human factor". This allows performing surgery without the presence of an engineer.


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